Month: May 2017

Review: Blaze by Donna Grant

It was really nice going back to the Dark Kings world, I don’t why but I kind of stopped reading them around book 4 I think, anyways reading this one made me really want to go back and read the ones I didn’t and read the Druids series (Dark Sword/Dark Warrior) because I realised I had …

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Review: The Watcher by Bella Jewel

WOW… The Watcher is a bone chilling story. I literally dove for my covers mid-way through the book. There is something so fantastic about Bella Jewel’s psychological thrillers. They are both haunting stories with splendid characters. Combine that with her ability to scare you until you’re shaking, we have a winner. This book is fantastic …

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Cover Reveal: Blue Velvet by Natalie Bennett

Blue Velvet Releases June 28, 2017 synopsis Blue Velvet Noun-Slang -An illicit drug taken by vein. Secrets. Deceit. Lust. And bloodshed. This is their happily ever after. *A/N* Blue Velvet is book two of two in the UltraViolence duet. This is a full-length novel.