Month: September 2017


Excerpt: Sick Fux by Tillie Cole

Holy Moses. This one is coming soon. I already have chills. Please note : this is excerpt is unedited and subject to change. I placed the foot of my cane on the floor and looked to the left. The sound of light breathing came from around the corner. I made to move, but my heart…

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Review and Excerpt: Crazy B*tch by Jamie Begley

Gaah. Jamie Begley never ever disappoints. I had no idea how good Crazy B*itch and Calder’s story would be. These two were a surprising couple for me, I didn’t even realise there was history between them. Either I have been living under a rock whilst being immersed in this world or I’m just freaking blind……


Review: Oh, Henry by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

More than 5 stars Holy…crap. Swoon For the fans of nerds and jocks, this story is totally, without a doubt for you. Oh, Henry will rock your freaking world. Holy crap I loved every second of that book from beginning to end. The OHellNo world is hilarious, intelligent and full of emotions. It’s a world…