Month: April 2017

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Review and Giveaway: Aces Wild by Emmy Curtis

Rating ~ 4.25 stars Flight Lieutenant Dexter ‘Dex’ Stone is a British pilot with something to prove after crashing his plane on his last mission and what better way to then beating the aggressor squadron at the Red Flags.  Dex wants to prove it to himself  crash wasn’t the end of his career. Major Eleanor Daniels…

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Review and Giveaway: Riot Street by Tyler King

Rating ~3.5 – 4 stars Avery “Echo” Avalon is newly graduated journalist, now working for Riot street. Avery’s childhood had marked in a way that even after all these years she still has to deal with anxiety attacks and nightmares. She has always felt alone and has a difficult time connecting to people (which is…

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Cover Reveal: Imperfect Love Kindle World by Kendall Ryan

Announcing the IMPERFECT LOVE Kindle World, a fabulous new series featuring strong alpha heroes who get knocked sideways when they suddenly begin noticing the heroine in a whole new light. In partnership with Kendall Ryan & these amazing bestselling authors: Kelly Elliott, Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, T. Gephart, Kim Karr, Rachel Brookes, Cora Kenborn, Magan…

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Review: From Darkest Skies by Sam Peters

From darkest skies is about a grieving husband, an AI trying to solve her *own* murder and a crime team to investigating a new version of a drug.  Keon Rouse, a government agent after the death of his wife Alysha, left his planet Magenta. He returns home after being accused of theft and is immediately involved…

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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Nothing Like a Duke by Jane Ashford

entally, because that was impossible. DzGo fetch help,dz commanded Flora. The dog didn’t move. DzSome clever gardeners. A footman from the house. Anyone. Go!dzDzPlato? Where are you, you dratted animal?dz called a voice nearby. DzLord Robert?dz she called. There was a short silence. DzFlora?dzDzYes. I’ve, ah, become entangled in some brambles. Plato doesn’t appear to…

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10 ways to tell if your date is a vampire with Juliet Lyons, Author of Dating the Undead

10 ways to tell if your date is actually a vampire 1. They only want to meet at night, using the excuse that they’re not ‘a morning person’. 2. On a date to the beach, you catch them harassing the lady in the mini mart to check the stock room for Hawaiian Tropics factor 500….