Month: June 2017


Review: #Nerd by Cambria Hebert

WOW!! For the last two weeks, this series has been my life. This series is extremely captivating to me. I am not sure about the rest of you out there, but I couldn’t put a single book down. With exams around the corner my procrastination levels were at an all-time high thanks to this goddamn…

Excerpt | Release Day

Release and Excerpt: The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely

“How does it work?” I ask. “The whole donation process.” She stabs a carrot slice, chews, and swallows. “Well, there’s this thing guys do when they’re horny. It’s called”—she glances furtively from side to side—“jacking off.” “I’m well aware of how the protein shake is made. What I mean is, are we talking about one…

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Excerpt and Giveaway: Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

Her shoulders lifting and dropping again in a sigh, Jules stiffened her spine. She just needed to be confident. She also needed to not let the cop’s air of authority—as well as his muscled forearms and pretty dark-brown eyes—reduce her to the babbling idiot she’d become the last time he’d been at the diner. For…