Month: February 2017

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Chapter Reveal: Ripple Effect #1 by Keri Lake

Ripple Effect Episode 1 releases 24th Feb 2017 Shells are made to be cracked. I stare down at the tiny white egg, wedged between the ashtray filled with cigarette butts and the empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the balcony. Hardly broken in two halves, the busted center reveals an underdeveloped bird inside, nearly devoured…

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Review and Giveaway: Breathless by Beverly Jenkins + a special note from Beverly Jenkins

Such a great read! Portia ‘Duchess’ Carmichael is the manger of the Fontaine Hotel. Portia had a very difficult childhood which was further made difficult when her mother decides to abandon her sister and her to their aunt. It took a long time for Portia to pare her deep distrust of men that her mother was…

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Review: Lucca by Sarah Brianne

5 Blooming Love Stars!! Have you ever read a book which you have anticipated for months? I can’t even give a specific amount of months, all I know is there was a long waiting period. For 31 days there were teasers. So many freaking teasers I was about to burst. Then the release day for…