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ARC Review: Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Review: Chasing Cassandra by Lisa KleypasChasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas
Series: The Ravenels #6
Published by Avon on 18th February 2020
Pages: 384
Format: ARC
Source: the publisher
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Everything has a price...
Railway magnate Tom Severin is wealthy and powerful enough to satisfy any desire as soon as it arises. Anything—or anyone—is his for the asking. It should be simple to find the perfect wife—and from his first glimpse of Lady Cassandra Ravenel, he’s determined to have her. But the beautiful and quick-witted Cassandra is equally determined to marry for love—the one thing he can’t give.
Everything except her...
Severin is the most compelling and attractive man Cassandra has ever met, even if his heart is frozen. But she has no interest in living in the fast-paced world of a ruthless man who always plays to win.
When a newfound enemy nearly destroys Cassandra’s reputation, Severin seizes the opportunity he’s been waiting for. As always, he gets what he wants—or does he? There’s one lesson Tom Severin has yet to learn from his new bride:
Never underestimate a Ravenel.
The chase for Cassandra’s hand may be over. But the chase for her heart has only just begun...


In the new Ravenel series release, we get Lady Cassandra Ravenel and Tom Severin’s story. Tom, a railway magnate was introduced as a cold hearted, profit chasing, lacking empathy, genius only logic kinda man in the first book. With later books adding more to him as character but at the same time showing that he is very much a ruthless businessman. Similarly with Cassandra, we know she has been belle of the season, she has been wanting to find a husband more so then her sisters who all married now. She’s a very sweet girl, who just wanted a family and love of her own and helping other people.

I love historical romance, and Lisa Kleypas for me brings it everytime. We not only have swoon worthy romance of the couple, but humour, friendship, familial love and dash of drama, sweetness and longing. I don’t know how she does it but her book leave me feeling extremely satisfied.

Tom was so smitten with Cassandra, the man literally couldn’t make head or tails. It was so amusing but at the same time sweet and swoony to see this all practical and logic guy fall for Cassandra. Who is in every way the opposite of him (except she is also intelligent). From the moment he lays eyes on her, he’s a goner. And every next meeting is a deeper fall for him.

She was beautiful the way fire and sunlight were beautiful, warm and glowing and golden. The sight of her dealt him a famished, hollow feeling. She was everything he’d missed in his disadvantaged youth, every lost hope and opportunity.

Above quote is literally after he sees her. 😍

“I have lamblike moments,” Tom said. At her dubious glance, he insisted, “I having one right now. I’m one hundred percent Lamb.” 

Cassandra is intrigued by the moment she actually meets him and after their first meeting, she ends up really liking him. Alas, Cassandra wants true love and family like the rest of her siblings and cousins while Tom wants nothing to do with love, he believes his heart to be frozen.

I wasn’t entirely sure how it work between them when I found out they’d been paired together, mostly because while I love reading about genius cold hearted heroes, the stories aren’t always done well to show the couple would actually work but here, Lisa Kleypas made it happen with making him loose or change his personality. I adored the seemingly charming ruthless man and the gentle and sweet girl the who makes him lose his control.

Honestly I loved seeing their relationship develop, from strangers who are attracted to each other, to finding out things of each other which makes them even more attracted to each other all the while Tom is nah, I’m not in love. I loved seeing the books mentioned in this, the way that Cassandra was trying to show him and make him understand emotions and whats actually important in life. They were super adorable and sweet. And this is making me want to reread the book.  They really balanced each other out, Tom’s frozen heart thawed out under the sweetness and brilliance of Cassandra.

I immensely enjoyed reading this one, its sweet, funny and adorable. It flows so well, there is little angst in this not too much but enough angst and drama and love that makes you wanna keep turning pages.

My only little extra need was; I only wish we had some kind of extended epilogue or something years down the line of the ravenls seeing as this is the last book in the series but we didn’t which made me sad because its the end of a wonderful series, that I have loved for years and know will keep rereading in future too.

Ive spend half a decade with this series, so I feel very sad to see this end (which I think it is because no Ravenel’s are left). I looved the Ravenel clan and their significant others. Its an amazing historical romance series, that I know will be rereading for years to come (I do do rereads of the older books in the series). Can’t wait to see what Lisa Kleypas has in store for us, eagerly waiting for the news of the next release!!

About Lisa Kleypas

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas graduated from Wellesley College with a political science degree. She is a RITA award winning author of both historical romance and contemporary women’s fiction. Her novels are published in fourteen different languages and are bestsellers all over the world. She lives in Washington State with her husband Gregory and their two children.