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ARC Review: Love at first roar by Celia Kyle

Book Blurb:

What happens when a half-blind weremole girl falls for a scarred werebear guy? A match made in furry, dirt-caked heaven. Mostly.

Weremole Kira Kolanowski has spent twenty-nine-ish years of her life half-blind and occasionally half-dead. (Her family isn’t exactly loving.) In an effort to remain fully alive, she moves to Grayslake, Georgia, with her poor excuse for a guide dog—a guide dog who decides to lift his leg and relieve himself on sexy-smelling werebear Isaac Abrams’ belongings. And when he roars…well, it makes her heart go pitter-patter and other parts go “ooh baby, ooh baby.” Just when she thinks she might have found happiness, a raving she-bitch werebear chick tries to kill her with the same poison that scarred Isaac to hell and back. The poison that Kira’s family happens to manufacture…

Isaac Abrams is leaving Grayslake. He’s tried, lord how he’s tried, to settle into life in Grayslake after the birth of his niece, but it’s not happening. He’s been home for a year, and it’s been 365 plus days of women looking past him and flat-out pretending he doesn’t exist. The battle with the hyenas didn’t just ruin his face, it ruined his chances at finding a mate in his hometown. So, he’s leaving. Or he was leaving until one day a lush, curvaceous weremole wanders into his half-packed house with that damned peeing dog of hers…it’s a good thing she’s so gorgeous.

Maybe he will stay—stay and keep Kira Kolanowski all to himself. Well, once he kills everyone who’s trying to kill her.

Release Date: 3 Nov’14 

ARC generously provided by Celia Kyle in exchange for an honest review.

Rating~ 3 stars. 

This is the fourth book in the Grayslake series by Celia Kyle. It’s about the remaining Abrams brother Isaac.

We were first introduced to Isaac in the first book No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It (Paranormal Shapeshifter BBW Romance) (Grayslake Book 1), he’s the healer of the clan and brother to Itan (kind of like an alpha for bears) but by the end of the first book he was badly scarred by the hyena pack they fought. After that Isaac moves away to work for his sister-in-law’s father to get away from everything that has happened to him, he returns to Grayslake at the end of the last book in the series. This book starts with him finally deciding to tell his family that he’s moving away permanently because can’t live in Grayslake where his brothers are happily married and others in the pack treat him poorly because of his scars.

Kira also known as KK to her friends moves to Grayslake to finally escape the horror that her life turned to when she turned eighteen because of her father the alpha and her step-brother. Kira is a weremole while the rest of old pack mates were wolves and viewed her as prey. She’s also kind of blind.

They meet when Kira moves in next door to Isaac and wants to be friends, which does not end well because Isaac is in the process of moving out. I liked them together, they are both very damaged but together they are very sweet and cute together. I liked the overall plot of the story and I also enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t too much angst in the book, there was drama but not much angst between the couple.

Quibbles: I will start of by saying that I liked the first book in the series and I enjoyed the relationship of the couple in it Isaac’s brother Ty and Mia, having said that Ty the Itan in the rest of the books came off as an not a good guy at all (an understatement), he was a shitty Itan and even shittier brother to his younger brothers. He annoyed me to no end, his behavior was not of someone who cared about his brothers at all.He did not even know what was going on in his family let alone in his clan. His behavior towards his brothers was appalling and I did not for one second bought his apology for his behavior later in the book. Apart from that I would have liked to know why exactly was Kira blind, maybe I missed it while reading the book but I do not think one was given and I would liked a bit more on her background then what was given.

Overall the book had the usual Celia Kyle humor, I liked the couple and their story it was just the other stuff that made me like the story less. I still enjoyed it, just less than I usually enjoy Celia’s books.

P.s The guy in the cover should be more scarred to match Isaac’s scars.

Have you read any books with interesting shifter types? like Celia’s weremole in this book which was very interesting.