Review: If he’s Daring by Hannah Howell

In a dazzling new novel in the Wherlocke family saga, New York Timesbestselling author Hannah Howell creates an unforgettable story of intrigue, jeopardy, and desire. . .

Stealing a stranger’s carriage is the second most reckless thing Lady Catrin Gryffin de Warrene has ever done. The first is succumbing to her powerful attraction to the carriage’s owner. Catrin has heard the rumors about Sir Orion Wherlocke’s family and their otherworldly gifts. He’s the one person who can keep her son and his inheritance safe from her late husband’s ruthless brother. As for how to protect herself. . .it may be too late for that.

Orion is facing the worst danger a man of his ilk can find: a woman he can’t walk away from. Catrin is an intoxicating blend of innocence and sensuality, and for the first time, seduction is far more than a game. But her beauty and fortune have made her a target–one that will dare him to risk everything he’s known–in pursuit of everything he’s ever longed for…

Rating~ 4.25 stars.

I really love Hannah Howell’s Wherlocke series, there is something very likeable about the whole family with their quirks and their gifts. This is the sixth book in the series and frankly I hope Howell writes more of them because there is so many fascinating characters who should get their own story.

This story is about Lady Catrin Gryffin de Warrene and Orion wherlocke.

Lady Catrin is a widow and has a son Alwyn who get is kidnapped by her brother-in-law because Alwyn is the heir of his father’s holdings. Catrin had a terrible marriage experience and the only good thing that came out of it was her son whom she loves very much. Catrin is a red head with the temper and a lioness with her cub but she’s also a very kind-hearted and loving woman.

Orion is a part of the king’s man. Sir Orion Wherlocke is like every other Wherlocke male a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t want to get married because of their family’s history of bad marriages and abonnement issues. He recently found that he has three sons, all which have lived a hard life on the streets before being taken in by Orion’s cousin and is getting used to being a father. At the start Orion is very much a man from the society and the only things he cares about is his family and the duty to his king.

Orion and Catrin relationship is very much a slow burn, even though they are attracted to each other form the first moment they met each other, get to know each other, become friends and trust each other before they make a decision to be together. I really liked their romance and the development of their relationship especially since they are both loners at the start of the book.I really liked them together.

Almost throughout the book Orion and Catrin are travelling and trying to catch Morris, which I liked because it gave them a chance to be together throughout without other people interfering. The only thing I did not like was the circumstances and obviousness of the Alywn’s parentage.

They are some serious issues in this story like the treatment of illegitimate children, adultery and murder but the author deals quite well with them and combats the whole seriousness of the issues with the other things in the book such as laughter, happiness and the love and loyalty of a family.

Overall how can you not love the quirky, different family and their family members with their gifts and loyalty to each other. I really enjoyed it, the story leaves you with a smile on your face and I am eagerly waiting for Mordred’s book, he has been mentioned and being part of the cast for a couple of books now so I think it’s about time he got his own book. Happy reading!

What do you think of the Wherlockes? Will you read the new installment ?