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Review: Heart fire by Robin D. Owens.


Book Blurb:

On the planet Celta, accepting a HeartMate can be the greatest challenge in the universe…

Antenn, an architect hired to build a cathedral in Druida City, dares not think of his HeartMate. Even though he yearns for her, he’s taken steps to ensure she will be forever unknown to him. After all, how could he, a commoner who grew up in the slums, the brother of a murderer, be worthy of any woman?

Tiana, a priestess, has her own fears about being a HeartMate. She’s watched her friends struggle with such a stormy destiny. She’s sure her HeartMate has never claimed her due to a terrible scandal involving her Family, and she’s set aside hopes for love.

Antenn’s gotten the commission of his life. The cathedral will make him famous, but more, it will last for ages and prove to others he can contribute to Celta…if the controversial structure isn’t destroyed while being built. Tiana, too, is an integral part of this process, but the villain who wrecked her Family is ready with firebombs. Can they trust each other in dangerous circumstances to succeed…and to love?

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Rating~ 2.75-3 Stars.

I really enjoyed Celta’s heart mate series and this is book number 13, we have now moved on from books about the older generation to the younger one. This book should not be read as a standalone in my opinion because there’s so many things you would not understand otherwise.

Antenn Blackthorn-Moss was first introduced as a young boy in Heart Choice (Celta) where by the end of the book he gets adopted by Mitchella who is heartmate to Straif Blackthorn. Now years later he is a successful architect with a great family and friends yet feels like his past as a brother to a murderer who killed several members of the noble families never fully left him.  Which is why he needs the Cathedral to be beautiful and successful so he can make a name for himself not for vanity but because he did something good which not have it associated with his past.

Tiana Mugwort is a priestess whose  family lost everything including their noble status because of the wrong allegations made by a jealous nobleman. Tiana wants to be a high priestess of the main temple on the planet not just because of her spiritual beliefs but because it would show people how wrong they were about her family and that they are honorable people who did not deserve what was done to them. She always thought that her heartmate knew who she was and chose to ignore her and the bond because of her disgraced family. Now she is assigned to help with the associated activities with the cathedral of a religion that her mother worships and was the reason they were disgraced.

The premise of the story was interesting, the plot device strong. The characters lovely, who not only have interesting back stories but are also independent and strong to achieve their life goals. However the whole book felt more about the plot, the politics, the religious sects in Celta than about the actual couple in the book (which would be fine if it was not a romance book),sure they were present in those discussions but most of the time in the book they were separate. What I did enjoy was Vinnie and his heartmate Avelanna’s scenes and the TQ house who finally gets his HEA with a family it wanted.

Quibbles: Antenn, I was really looking forward to his book but alas he did not live upto my expectations, I did not feel that he cared or really loved Tiana sure he was attracted to her and desired her but cared no, I think he cared more about his cathedral than he did about Tiana. I also did not like the lack of communication by that I mean the book takes place over a couple of days Tiana and Antenn do not really get to know each other, sure we know all about them but they don’t. It also seemed to me that whenever Tiana was in trouble or hurt, Antenn was no where to be found. I felt like I was missing some information espeically since Antenn goes from not wanting a heartmate, not even having a tiny link to her for years hurting his heartmate to wanting a heartbond, leading to me also feeling that they moved to fast into the heartbond.

Overall the book did not work for me and resulted in a ok-ish read. I don’t know at this stage if I’ll be continuing with this series unless the next book happens to be about Vinni and Avelanna.