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Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

She has no choice but to seek shelter in his arms…

Ice-cold breed warrior Nathan is on a mission for the Order to expose the members of a secret cabal called Opus Nostrum, comprised of both human and Breed members. But Nathan’s allegiance to the Order is challenged when his pursuit leads him to Martin Gates, the wealthy patriarch of a high society Breed family, and the father of ethereal Jordana Gates, a woman far out of Nathan’s league and one he craves like no other.

A few weeks before the couple shared an unexpected, stolen kiss… a kiss that Nathan is unable to forget. And soon Nathan and Jordana are swept into a passion that will force him to choose between duty towards his Order brethren, and desire for the one woman he cannot resist.


Rating~ 4.25 stars.

This is the 12th instalment in the series and Lara Adrian has managed to keep the series fresh and interesting especially with the new arc. I know some people did not want the stories of the next generation but I think it’s a great idea with specific regards to the new enemy and characters.


“I never recall a time when I felt I was anything other than what they made me: a hunter. A killer. A weapon at Dragos’s disposal.” 

We first met Nathan in Deeper Than Midnight  where he is found and bought into the compound by his mother Corrine and Hunter. At 13, his personality was set in stone. His captivity and training at the hands of Dragos had made him much like Hunter and even after having found a family and friends, he is very much a loner and focused on doing duty as a member of the order.

Nathan’s internal monologue: “He was the fighting dog, rescued from the squalor and violence of the betting pits brought into a kind, loving home to live a better life…..Yet, like the dog removed from the ring, when a hand reached out to him-in play or in comfort- it was all he could do to keep from biting it.” 

“A part of him had never come out of Drago’s lab and likely never would.”

Nathan is an amazing fighter and protective of his family though he doesn’t see he is protecting them because he cares. So when Nathan meets jordana and starts to feel something for her it shakes up his whole world. Poor guy. He is also very possessive of Jordana.

“You’re mine.” Nathan growled savagely. “I can’t stay away from you. Fuck, Jordana…I will never have enough of you.” 


“I want you. I want the storm I see in your eyes when you look at me . I want the high cliff and the breathless leap into the dark, which is how I feel when I’m with you. All I want is you, Nathan. I Love you.” 

Jordana Gates is best friend to Carys (chase’s daughter) and an art gallery owner. Jordana at a young age was adopted by a breed male and has spent all her life doing what was required of her because of her father. From the moment she meets Nathan, she feels attracted to him and similarly to Nathan doesn’t know how to handle it. I really liked her. Throughout the book you see her become a strong, independent woman and one who understood and loved Nathan.

It was also very nice to see that though Nathan thought he had his emotions under control he was rattled enough for Chase and others to notice. I really loved Nathan and Jordana as a couple, they had explosive chemistry and their interactions with each other made me sigh. How could you not like them.

“I need you Jordana and I don’t want to know what life without you will feel like ever again.”

After reading the book I have a few questions especially about Carys and Rune. I would like to know their back-story and since I hate angst I would like Carys and Aric to just talk to each other.

Minor quibbles: I did feel that book was short and because of that I felt that the time the couple actually spent together was quite limited. I checked the book is definitely shorter than the last book, it is also takes place over a week or two at most I think which limits the amount of time Nathan and Jordana spent together.

Overall it was a great read, with an alpha hero, a strong heroine and a compelling plot line. I can’t wait for the next book.

ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review