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Rare18 Rome

Romance Author and Reader Event 2018 I’m back home now and wanted to share my experience at the Romance Authors and Reader Event 2018 in Rome which took place on 23rd June. This was my second time attending RARE. To those who don’t know what RARE is, it’s a romance book convention allowing readers (mostly…


What’s Going On?

Hey everyone! I thought I’d share what’s been going on my life and why the posts have been so sparse lately. Currently my life is pretty hectic, with a few deadlines to meet, University exams upcoming up soon. I don’t have a lot of time to read so for the next two months most of…


Blog Update: Reviews!

I will be extremely busy in the next few days with work, home stuff and the holidays coming so I will be posting shorter reviews for books. Though this means I will posting more reviews they will just be shorter than normal. I also have loads of giveaways coming in the next two weeks so…