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Review: Requiem & Reverie by Keri Lake

We continue on with Voss and Nola, their relationship is very getting complicated and steamier. The Sandman is still out and about and now theres a missing child. Tensions are rising, stakes are higher and Voss is determined to protect Nola and put a stop to Sandman once and for all. Then of course theres…

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Release Day and Review: Nocturnes & Nightmares by Keri Lake

Nightmares and Monsters are real and no one knows this better than Voss, Nola and her son Oliver. Keri Lake brings in her A game with an extremely disturbing serial killer, slightly less scary anti hero and a single mother who has experienced too many tragedies but is a wonderful parent. Rhett Voss and Nola…

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Spotloght: Vulnerable by Mary Burton

EXCERPT FROM MARYBURTON.COM: Homicide Detective Jake Bishop smiled at the determined clip-clop of Georgia’s feet moving down the carpeted hallway of the homicide department. She always moved as if the demons of hell nipped at her feet. Never relaxed. Never smiling. Buttoned up tight. She was a live wire of determination, drive, and shouldering a…